Hold to Chat

Based on blockchain DID, makes users who hold tokens to join the corresponding group without permission.

Marking with multidimensional identity data to increase the credibility of speech. Let high-quality information be delivered authentically.

Open Platform for DAO Tools

Group chat is the starting point of all DAO organizational structures. Everything, including proposals, voting, treasury, capital management, trading, raffles, contractual tools, happens here...

Build up a complete and open platform for DAO governance in a decentralized approach. Establish DeBox Foundation to encourage more developers to participate in the platform construction.

Multidimensional Social
Relationship Graph

Craving authentic DIDs in multiple dimensions through holding, transactions, accessing, and opinions. Build a social network with a higher dimension.

Knowledge Cashing. Personal data assets on the chain only owned by DID. High-quality knowledge content can be paid in multiple ways.