DeBox is the Web3 social platform based on blockchain DID. Wallet private key stored on user's device and never uploaded to the server. We build a comprehensive risk control system to ensure the security of your assets. Holding token to chat, organzing your DAOs.

What is a decentralized multi-chain wallets?

Assets are stored on blockchain and support the digital asset wallet of multiple public chains.

The difference between the decentralized wallet and the central exchange

The main difference between wallet and exchange is that the storage way of tokens. The private key of the decentralized multi-chain wallet is saved by the users themselves, and the assets are stored on the blockchain. The user is the real holder of the digital currency. The wallet is just a tool to help users manage on-chain assets and read the blockchain data, so they cannot control, steal or transfer your assets. Assets on central exchange that you see are just the data provided by the exchange. Decentralized wallets are difficult to be attacked by hackers and users don’t worry about assets losing, because as long as keep your private key safe when creating the wallet, your assets has never lost.

NOTE: If decentralized wallet is lost or stolen, it cannot be recover without a backup of your private key or seed phrase, make sure you back up private key securely and correctly.

What are private keys, mnemonics, and passwords?

The private key is composed for 64-bit hexadecimal, a wallet only has one set of private key and cannot be modified. Because the private key is composed of 64-bit hexadecimal, which is inconvenient to record and copy. For users’convenience, mnemonic consisting of 12 words, with a space between each word. The mnemonic and private key have the same function, that is, you can import the wallet by entering the mnemonic and setting a new password. Like the private key, a wallet has one set of mnemonic and cannot be modified.

Password is not the private key, it is used to manage the wallet (passwords can be changed or reset).

NOTE:DO NOT delete your wallet without backing up your mnemonic words.

What is the Miners' Fee (Gas Fee)?

Gas Fee, commonly known as transfer fees as an incentive for miner to mine. While you are trading, miners need to package your transaction and place it on blockchain, consuming the blockchain's computing resources in this process which is gas fees.

What is DApps?

Decentralized application (DApps) built on decentralized network that combine smart contracts with front-end user interface. DApps are generally called smart contract.

What is NFTs?

Namely Non-Fungible-Tokens, the digital assets based on blockchain. In most cases, NFTs can be digital art, music, and any other artwork. The feature of "irreplaceable" means that unique and cannot be replaced by something else.

What is DAOs?

Namely Decentralized Autonomous Organization, DAOs is an organization controlled by code and program. It is able to operate autonomously without central authority. DAOs can process information and execute order based on smart contrast without human intervention. DAOs achieved community members contribute their efforts through tokens reward.

Protective Measures

Loss prevention

First of all, asset loss does not mean that the asset is lost in the blockchain but the loss of control of the asset that is, the security information of the wallet is not safe. During the wallet creation process, the mnemonic or private key will be provided for the user to save, which will make it second-verified. After verifying, users can start to use the wallet.

Therefore, it is important to back up the wallet and keep it properly. Here, we recommend the use of physical/offline storage, which can be stored in multiple channels (must be safe channels), and do not lose or disclose your security information. In this way, even if there is an abnormal situation in your wallet, you can continue to use another wallet by importing the private key or mnemonic phrase.

Theft Prevention

The root of anti-theft is the protection of private keys, mnemonics or DApp permissions.Therefore, please protect security information such as private keys and mnemonics and comply with the following principles:

1. Do not scan QR codes and click links from unknown sources;

2. Do not disclose any security information to customer services;

3. Do not take screenshots or take photos to save the private key or mnemonic phrase;

4. Do not use wallets or export private keys and mnemonics under insecure conditions;

Common Fraud Cases

App Scam

The scammer will develop Apps that are highly similar to the official App. When the user creates or imports a wallet, the data will be recorded and synchronized to the scammer specific server. As a result, users have a great risk of being stolen by scammers.

Therefore, users must download and use the wallet through official channels.

Airdrop/Giveaway Scam

Scammers will use free airdrop events with posters or links to promote in the community. if the user scans the code, enters the website and approves to receive airdrop tokens. After approval, the scammers obtain permission to transfer away user assets easily. Do not click any unknown link to receive airdrop, or scan the code to approve your applications.

Phishing Website Scam

Phishing website refers to a fake website used to deceive users. The page is basically the same as the real website. Scammers use fake sites to deceive and steal user private keys or mnemonics. Phishing websites have only one or a few pages, which are slightly different from real websites. They usually spread fake giveaways/airdrops, or impersonate official supports, or other means on communities to attract users to use their fake websites.

DeBox only official website :

Customer Service Scam

Most people will contact customer service for help when there are some problems that need to be solved. At this time, scammers get the chance to impersonate official supports. Usually, they have the same name and logo (fake) with the official supports and then hide in the various communities. Once users send their issues on the group, these scammers will send messages to users privately attached unknown links/QR codes to fraud users private key or mnemonic.

If you have any other problems, please contact us to get in touch from official website.

DeBox Tutorials



Visit DeBox official website to download the latest version.(The only official website :


Searching “DeBox”on app store to download( Non-Mainland of China-ID)


Please download DeBox app at first:

Step 1: Click “Create wallet”( if you have wallet, click “import my wallet”).

Step 2: Overview and agree‘The user agreement’.

Step 3: Setting a password (Password should be 8 or more characters in length, this password use for managing wallet,

you can change or reset, if you forget, using private key or mnemonic to set a new password).

Transfer Tutorials

How to receive my assets

Open DeBox App, switch to the target chian and choose the receiving token in the assets page, click “Receive”, copy your receiving address or QR code to sender.

Warning: Pleased select the correct chain to transfer, or your assets may be lost.

How to transfer assets

Step 1: Open home page, choose a token you want to transfer, click “Transfer”.

Step 2: Copy receiving address directly, or click “Address Book”for choosing a receiving address, or click “Scan QR

code”for scanning code of the receiving address. Enter “receiving address”and “amount”,click “Confirm”.

Step 3: To keep your assets safe, double confirm the amounts, receiving address and gas fee,click “Confirm”.

DApps Accessing

DApps browse

Open DeBox ,click “Browse”at the bottom ,enter DApps. DApps browser supports the following functions:

1. Searching

DApps browser is just like DApps search engine ,Enter URL access to DApps.

2. Accessing DApps

Select and authorize DApps to access.

3. My DApps

Click “browse”, select your favorite DApps and hold down for 2 seconds, click “Confirm” ,add to “My DApps”.

4. Create DAO

Step1:Click “DAO”

Step2: Click “+”at the upper right corner to create or join DAO(You must hold token)

Step3: Click “Create”

5. Join DAO

Step1:Click “DAO”

Step2:Click “Discover”or at the upper right or searching for DAO

Step3:Confirm and Join DAO

Note:You must hold tokens(Minimum amount: 0.1)

Administrator Vote

Group chat rules

1. Respect and Kindness for every community member. All Racism, sexism, defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, offensive, or illegal comments are strictly prohibited.

2. Do not post any form of NSFW(with obscene,violent information through E-mail,videos,blogs, posts, etc.),otherwise you will be immediately banned.

3. Do not post unauthorized commercial advertise or dangerous link in private group chats.

4. Every member ONLY allowed send 10 message per day. Please do not release words unrelated to the project, building a harmonious community.


DAOs community are equality and justice. Every community proposal determined by votes. All activities are openness and transparency. Each DAOs community has one administrator, who is voted by all community members. In order to manage DAOs, their duty is to maintain the clean and comfortable communication environment, providing news or views about tokens.

Voting Rules

Administrator application voting once a month.

Any token holders have the right to vote.

The first two votes will be elected.