DeBox Guardians Penguin!
DeBox Guardians start with a total of 10,240 NFTs——Unique digital
collectibles based on five characters living on ERC-721. As DeBox Pass holders, you will receive exclusive privileges and great benefits.
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DeBox Guardians Penguin
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The Story
On the distant DeBox planet, a group of Web3.0 pioneers diligently
cultivated and farmed this uninhabited land. One day, monsters
named Spam and Fraud invaded their homeland, soon the whole
planet has fallen. In this time of crisis, they stood up and gathered to
flight those monsters. They are the protecter of this community, they are -DBG(DeBox Guardians)
You will get :
Genesis PFP honorary status and DeBox governance right
Receive DBX Airdrops
Receive Airdrops From DeBox foundation
Support Pop-up Chat Space and other features
DeBox Airdrop Group
Before public selling, you can join in
the DeBox airdrop group to claim whitelists.